Hotel room at Yale hotel “The Study” has an actual study in it [1024 x 768]

"Contraband 2" @ Los Angeles’ Black Apple Gallery

Sleeping Seaman at Hernesaari, Helsinki, Finland details in comments (3552x2000][OC]

Street Art in Montreal

Satsuki & Ragyo (Kill la Kill)

Askew (more pics in comments)

White Kitchen [5616x3744] [OC]

Kitchen [1024x768]

Detroit Graffiti (29 pics)

Illustrated manuscript of Rachid Ad-Din’s ‘History of the world showing Hulagu Khan and his wife Dokuz Khatun , 14th Century [2818x1814]

A box of smoking bomb shirts showed up at the reddit SF office.

Bloodseeker (Dota2)

If you need a place to reflect: The W Hotel, Thailand [1600 x 524]

Panoramic Mural by Melaney Bracken [1920x901] [OC]

World Affairs in 2014